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Optimal Skin Care for Rainy Season

March 20, 2019 3 min read

Optimal Skin Care for Rainy Season

The rainy season makes other people jubilating for the grace it will bring. However, for others, the wet season brings problems and that includes skin woes. There are microbial organisms that stay in the air and get attracted to damp skin. And as the downpour continuous, the temperature may change. This is why the skin needs to adapt to the humidity of the air. If you have sensitive skin then take extra precautionary steps to keep it free from any infections. Besides that, humid air can also make the skin more oily than it already is. Thus, your skincare routine should support you so you can bear the brunt of the monsoon season. But worry no more because we listed down suggested skin care products that will prove useful for this wet season. So look through to find out.


Keeping the skin clean is very important during this season. Hence, you need to wash your face 3 times a day to remove grime and excess oil. For everybody's information, high humidity level on air can peeve skin leaving some clogged pores which can trigger excessive production of sebum. Excessive oil on the skin can attract dirt that can be a breeding place for bacteria and other organisms. These microbes are one of the causes of ugly acne breakouts.

Knowing all of that, you can opt for a facial cleanser with natural ingredients.Wangskin Girl’s Skin Moisture Cleanser has milk, rice, green tea and mulberry extracts. These ingredients provide seven wonders to skin and one of that is its amazing ability to cleanse the skin from all dirt and excess oil.

Optimal Skin Care for Rainy Season


Toner helps maintain your skin during the rainy season. Because cleansers are exceedingly acidic, you will need a toner to return your skin to its normal acidity or Ph level. Spattering a little toner on your face will help reduce the extra acidity.

Switch to this tonerFresh Herb Origin Toner by Nacific which is comprised of flower water and calendula extract. It has strong moisturizing effect ideal for humid weather. Because moisture level is high during rainy days, evaporation will also follow and will suck the life out of your skin. Thus, you need to double up your skin hydration.Optimal Skin Care for Rainy Season

Facial Exfoliator

An Exfoliator is an important part of a skin regimen. It helps you to get rid of dead skin cells to reveal a luminous complexion. Black Sugar Mask Wash Off by Skinfood  packs one hell of a punch in terms of manual exfoliation. This product is enriched with vitamins and minerals to nourish and hydrate skin during this moist weather. Optimal Skin Care for Rainy Season 


Serums are the ones that you need to apply right after cleansing and toning. However, they should be put in before moisturizing. Its intention is to let those skin regenerating ingredients to soak into your skin and be quickly absorbed.

Here’s A’Rin Serums that can solve almost all skin problems imaginable (mild to severe). It has 15% mandelic acid which is safe for daily use and will not leave a sticky feeling after application. Be amazed at the result days after you used it.

Optimal Skin Care for Rainy Season


If you noticed it, your skin gets chapped and dry as you are exposed to cold temperature. This is very true when you stay long outside. Since your body needs to conserve heat during these times, your blood vessels will tighten preventing your skin to get the moisture it needs.

To tackle this skin issue, you will need a thicker moisturizer. Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask by CosRx is composed of 85% of propolis extract and natural beeswax. This last step skincare in your beauty regimen can be used in three ways- as a sleeping mask, a wash off mask, and as a cream. Either way, it promise great overnight results.Optimal Skin Care for Rainy Season