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Welcome to WGE Asia!

WGE Asia with registered business name Ryu Ra Online Store, provides a wide range of features for products and services to you when you visit or shop at WeGotEverythingPH.com, use WGE Asia Mobile App, or make an order through the assistance of Customer Service Representative using Facebook Messenger or E-mail. WGE Asia provides these products and services subject to the following terms and conditions.

By using WGE Asia, you agree to these terms and conditions. Please read and understand them very carefully.


Please review our Privacy Policy, which also governs your use of WGE Asia Services, to understand our practices.


All content included in or made available through WGE Asia's Facebook Pages, website or mobile app, such as texts, graphics, icons, logos, images, videos and software is the property of WGE Asia and these are protected by Laws of The Republic of the Philippines and International Copyright Laws. Illegal use, distribution or duplication of these contents may implicate you.


When you use WGE Asia's services by navigating our social media pages or our website at WeGotEverythingPH.com, by navigating our Mobile App, by sending messages on our Page's Facebook Messenger, by leaving comments on our Facebook Advertisements, by sending an E-mail, and other communications from your desktop or mobile devices to us, you may be communicating to us electronically.

You consent to receive communications from us electronically, such as E-mails, texts, direct message replies on your Facebook Messenger, calls on your mobile, mobile app push notices, or notices and messages on our website and you can retain copies of these communications for your own records.

You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically, satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.


WGE Asia strives to deliver the best service to its valued customers. In an effort to eliminate errors on delivery, we have created an Outbound Team to call people who placed an order by themselves through WGE Asia's Website at WeGotEverythingPH.com or through WGE Asia's Mobile App, to make sure that we have the accurate customer information and correct order details.

As part of your consent to electronic communications, one of WGE Asia's employees from its Outbound Team may call you on the mobile number which you have provided when you placed your order online or through the mobile app, to confirm the accuracy of your information and of your order details. Furthermore, WGE Asia may recommend or inform you of current offers or promotions that you may be interested to take advantage of during the call. You may or may not agree to such offers and stick with your original order.


Please review our Shipping Information to understand how your order will be handled and delivered to your shipping address.


Please review ourReturns, Refunds and Exchanges Policy to understand how to claim returns, refunds or exchanges and what are allowed under our terms which is guided by the Consumer Act of the Republic of the Philippines.


As mentioned on WGE Asia's Website under Shipping Information, couriers will charge WGE Asia P300 - P600 for delivery, for storage and for the return of each packages. Refusing to accept packages upon delivery or canceling during transit will lead to our losses and we will do everything we can to protect ourselves from further damages.

If you refuse to accept or you will cancel while your package is in transit, we may remove your ability to make use of Cash-on-Delivery should you order from our store again. Your order history is recorded in our system so it will be very easy to access anytime.

In the unfortunate event, that you have more than one record of refusing to accept your package or you are canceling your order while your package is in transit, we may resort to legal means through legal offices to seek for compensation from you for the damages and the losses that we have incurred. 


WGE Asia delivers packages to its customers or buyers through cash-on-delivery nationwide. Though the option to make a payment in advance is still acceptable, cash-on-delivery is the primary and default choice when making an order on WGE Asia's website at WeGotEverythingPH.com, WGE Asia's Mobile App, through the assistance of one of our Customer Service Representatives via Facebook Messenger Conversation or E-Mail Messages, and through a conversation over the phone with one of our Outbound Sales Representatives.

Though Cash-on-Delivery is the favoured mode of delivery to our valued customers, this is not a right. It is merely what WGE Asia chose to offer to its valued customers and WGE Asia reserves the right to not offer cash-on-delivery service to customers or buyers who tend to abuse the weaknesses of such method by canceling the order while package is in transit, by refusing to accept the package upon delivery, by deliberately not picking up their phones when the delivery guy is in the vicinity of their shipping address, and any other means to avoid receiving the package for whatever reasons they may have.

Customers or buyers who are banned to use Cash-on-Delivery Service may still order from WGE Asia, however, they will need to pay in advance for the goods before any deliveries will be made.

Lastly, customers or buyers who repeatedly refuse to accept their orders, cancel their orders during transit, or deliberately avoid to receive their orders may also have their basic information shared to the couriers that WGE Asia works with for their bad reputation or bad history in handling their cash-on-delivery orders. WGE Asia's partner couriers may ban such people to use cash-on-delivery to prevent further damage on the part of the courier and its employees and to WGE Asia.


WGE Asia did its best to make the Terms of Service very noticeable for everyone to access and read. It is very visible on our website at WeGotEverythingPH.com, on our Mobile App and it is also accessible during the checkout process before completing your order.

WGE Asia encourages each customers or buyers to always read our Terms of Service. By continuing to complete your order on our website, on our mobile app or through the assistance of one of our Customer Service Representatives or one of our Outbound Sales Team, we will presume that you have read and understood our terms of service and we will process your order in good faith.

If you don't agree in part or in full to our Terms of Service detailed herein, please do not continue to process your order.

Thank you for reading WGE Asia's Terms of Service before proceeding with your purchase!