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6 K-beauty Products to Help you Beat the Summer Heat!

March 20, 2019 3 min read

6 K-beauty Products to Help you Beat the Summer Heat!

You can bring in lots of lifelong memories from your summer outdoor adventures but certainly not the sun damaged skin caused by the sun’s extreme heat. No matter how high the temperature rises, summer is entirely a nonnegotiable season. It is still the best time for beach walking, poolside parties, road tripping, mountain hiking, and even bonfires.

Hence, remember to always keep your skin weather- proof! Time for an extra help from Korea’s skincare products. And because your skin will be adjusting to this sizzling season, it is crucial to find the ones that will suit your needs - It’s just a matter of understanding how amazing these products work for this tough weather condition. Add them now to your repertoire and keep summer skincare woes at bay. So stick around and read more for we got them allhere.

Shift to non-drying cleanser...

The scorching sun of summer can attract dirt to your sweaty skin and at the same time clogged your pores. Make a way for better cleansing after a long day of sun exposure with Clean it Zero Foam Cleanser. This cleanser cleans makeup, oil-build up, and other impurities on the skin. It contains a high concentration of Vit. C from rooibos leaf extract plus ingredients like acerola extract and tocopheryl acetate that will make your skin less dry and look dewy.


Comfort yourself with head to toe soothing gel…

Sweating a bucket is normal during summertime. After being in the sun all day, a refreshing feel  to the skin can give you a relief. Enriched with natural and organic California Aloe vera, we suggest this fast absorbing gel be applied often to moisturize face, arms, legs, and even hair. The nutrients you can get from Aloe Vera Soothing Gel of Nature Republic will keep the skin moisturized without leaving it with any sticky residue.


Care for those lovely feet...

Kicking up your heels with those summer sandals or worst going barefoot on the beach can be bad for your feet. It leaves you with cracked, dried skin that is just unbearable to look at. Thus, an intensive care for your feet is exactly what you need. Fret no more,Purederm Shiny & Soft Foot Peeling Maskis an exfoliating plus treatment wearable masks sheet that can peel away calluses and dead skin. What’s best about this exfoliating foot mask is that it even lets you get rid of that smelly feet.

Choose an appropriate sun protection formula...

Sunscreen is very important to prevent premature aging. A lightweight and refreshing sun milk with a broad spectrum of sun protection should be included in your skincare requirement especially this summer season.Missha’s All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk is a waterproof sun milk that stays on your skin after outdoor hangouts and water sports activities, and can still even work after excessive sweating. It also provides sebum control, a perfect time for you to use, because your skin will ooze up more oil during hot days. It’s great because it can be used as a perfect primer underneath your makeup.  


Look best with hydrating foundation for summer

Wearing your best look while sitting near pool or beachside can be achieved withApril Skin Magic Snow Cushion. Get that instant flawless look with this foundation that is infused with 45%

Water-based cushion format to supply you with enough moisturizing coverage during warmer weathers. Whether you want a gorgeous glow or a subtle, barely-there look, this hydrating product is still perfect for the summer without having you to compromise coverage.


Wear an intensely hydrating mask overnight

After a tiring day of fun-in-the-sun activities, you might want to feel relaxed and refreshed withLaneige Water Sleeping Mask before hitting the bed. This moisturizing sleeping mask will rehydrate your skin making you look like you just had an untroubled sleep on the following day. Apply evenly to skin after your perfect nightly skincare routine and leave it overnight. And - voila! - you can still look like a beach goddess for that new fresh face!