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Cancelation Policy

Though WGE Asia really want to expedite all shipments, there is no available way of doing it if it is through cash-on-delivery. As stated in our website and in our mobile app and also as informed by our customer service and by our sales team, our delivery timeframe is from 3 - 7 business days upon order fulfilment to which you have agreed upon placing your order.

In the event that you need to cancel your order, we can only do so under these 2 conditions:

1. Your package is still with us and we have not yet forwarded it to one of our partner couriers for delivery.

2. There was no single attempt from our courier to deliver your package after 7 business days and you no longer need it.

If you contacted WGE Asia to request for cancelation and the status of your order does not meet either of the conditions mentioned above, WGE Asia will not be able to cancel your order since it is already in the hands of our partner courier.

Should you insist to cancel it, you have to understand that couriers will still charge us for delivery and storage which may range from P150 - P300 one way. Worse is that the courier will also charge us for the return which is for the same amount of P150 - P300. This will lead to P300 - P600 charge against us simply because you placed an order and you suddenly decided to cancel it for whatever reasons.

WGE Asia would not want to resort to any legal means as much as possible to prevent loses caused by its customers or buyers. We ask from everyone to be a responsible buyer and not to abuse the cash-on-delivery method.