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10 Stunning K-beauty Products at Wallet-Friendly Prices!

March 20, 2019 4 min read

10 Stunning K-beauty Products at Wallet-Friendly Prices!

The thrill of trying out each new product is what makes beauty an (skincare) adventure. And it seems like Korean skincare marketing companies never fail to put on new amazing products for us to discover. But as much as we would like to, we can’t try them all (Or else that will put a dent in our wallet). Which is why we rounded up a list of K-beauty products with affordable buys for you to choose from - an honest-to-goodness practical approach to protecting your personal skincare funds from going zero.

Move heaven and earth and still get that k-beauty fixes without getting bankrupt. Dive into the most affordable Korean skincare products under P500.

Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream by Tony Molly (90php)

10 Stunning K-beauty Products at Wallet-Friendly Prices!

This light and soft, facial moisturizer with floral scent is pervaded with Niacinamide and Bamboo extract to eliminate dark spots and redness of the skin. Its hydrating drop texture made it more spreadable when used to the face making it most effective in brightening the skin. If you want to correct dull uneven skin, you can smooth this out to your face to achieve a natural finish. Can be a good primer before applying makeup and will keep your base last longer

Water Bank Trial Kit by Laneige (195php)

10 Stunning K-beauty Products at Wallet-Friendly Prices!

This travel set includes skincare that enables the skin to hold moisture. Ideal for personal use and can be a perfect gift for your girl friends. Product details can be foundhere.

Green Tea Balancing Special Kit (4 Items) by Innisfree(475php)

10 Stunning K-beauty Products at Wallet-Friendly Prices!

Having that dream skin will not cost you a leg to achieve. Best selling product by Innisfree is now on sample-sized versions. Boost the immunity of your skin with this set of skincare that has the antioxidant benefits of Jeju fresh green tea extracts. These products were meant to control sebum production ideal for normal to combination skin types.

Water Sleeping Mask by Laneige (4 ml sachets 5pcs) (90php)  

10 Stunning K-beauty Products at Wallet-Friendly Prices!

Be refreshed and moisturized with this multiple use sachet. Not only does it fits your budget but it can also make your skin look well rested. With its sleeptox foundation, the skin will be restored and repaired just overnight.

Time Eye Freeze Serum by Laneige(95php)

10 Stunning K-beauty Products at Wallet-Friendly Prices!

Keep your budget on track with this affordable serum for eye contour elasticity. It has a multi-purpose advantage for it can erase the wrinkles forming around your eyes and at the same promotes the growth of wonderful lashes. Apply a red bean size amount of this serum and expect a younger looking skin on your eye area after regular use. Only apply after toner or lotion.

Authentic April Skin Magic Snow Cushion 2.0 sachet(250php)

10 Stunning K-beauty Products at Wallet-Friendly Prices!

Wear that original Korean flawless skin look with this sample sized cushion format. Infused with 45% water-based for a full moisturizing coverage. This face foundation is made with natural extracts from Blueberry and Aloe Vera. Its long-lasting coverage will give you a smooth, velvety complexion in just an instant. Choose your fave foundation shade color or decide to have the full versionhere.

Delight Tony Tint Mini #2 Red by Tony Moly (100php)

10 Stunning K-beauty Products at Wallet-Friendly Prices!

Bedazzled when you see your lips like one of those K-pop and K-dramas stars. Yes, they are using these lip tints to stain their lips for long-lasting lip color yet staying light and pleasant. These stains with super pigmented formula come with a matte or glossy finish that goes in your lips with its sweet fruit scent.

Give yourself a go for these lip tints for they are more practical to use than lipsticks. They do the same and relatively on similar price but you will need more quantity as lipsticks should be applied again and again.

To achieve a “just bitten” or “popsicle stained” look, you have to make sure that you put most stains at the center of your lips and then blend it with your fingers going outward. Preferably apply a lip balm with SPF before topping them in your lips.

Oops! Sorry, forgot to tell you that this product has a double purpose. It can also be applied to your cheeks to give it a blush. A perfect option when you are in a hurry.

Jeju Orchid Enriched Cream, Intense Cream and Gel Cream by Innisfree (45php)

10 Stunning K-beauty Products at Wallet-Friendly Prices!

You may add this to your daily routine and let it act on your wrinkles and uneven skin tone. This all in one skincare product has all the benefits to give to an aging skin. By providing nourishment, it enables to tighten back your skin and brighten it effectively.

Korean Celebrity’s Secret Face Mask (50php)

10 Stunning K-beauty Products at Wallet-Friendly Prices!

We will likely to die for mask until the end of time for it is the easiest way to hydrate skin. With this Korean Celebrity’s Secret Face Mask, you will not only achieve the flawless look of celebrities but you can also pamper your skin with the relaxation therapy it brings. Made from naturally extracted fruit juices and essences, this skin care staple is highly praised by personalities. 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied if you add this to your cart.

Face Blur 1ml by Etude House (5pcs)  (90php)

10 Stunning K-beauty Products at Wallet-Friendly Prices!

Experience a multi-filtering effect of this lightweight cream to cover unwanted bumps in your face. This product is intended to refine the appearance of skin making it look even toned. Ideal to use with any Cushion line products for a wider coverage.