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If you have a dull skin, you should read this!

March 20, 2019 2 min read

If you have a dull skin, you should read this!

Suffering from dry skin? Are you having dry patches and dry peeling? This article will help you solve all of these skin problems.

Moisturizer is a must-have thing for everyone. Skin is the largest part of the body, if you skip moisturizing it and apply your daily routine, then your skin is prone to dullness. Especially if you are staying in an isolated air conditioned room. People who work in the office tend to apply moisturizer from time to time. A very cold place holds the biggest factor for drying skin. This causes the dry patches, itchy skin, and a not glowing radiant face. This was also the biggest problem for office girls who do paper works at their office. Moisturizing is essential for many types of skin at any age. Most women tend to skip moisturizing their face and jump to their make up base. This is a big mistake most women do. Before applying anything on face after washing, it’s a big requirement to put moisturizer. I mean, how could you achieve the natural radiant smooth glowing skin if skip this part? Another mistake people do is to apply moisturizer every minute. Hey! You don’t want your skin to dry right? Then pick the suitable moisturizer that could last for at least 4 hours.

Many people mistake lotions as moisturizers. That is very common mistake missy, lotions are categorized as creams, it is to remove or add effects the moisturizers don’t have. While the moisturizers have essential oils that the skin absorbs and work the magic. Lotions have category if it’s for face, body or even hands while common moisturizers are for the face. Moisturizers have more benefits than lotions. So never ever skip moisturizing your skin at least twice a day.

There are other mistakes that we do for moisturizer, like if you have oily skin then you might need to stop the moisture. Lots of oil in the face is never appealing. Do not ever rely on a friends advice for a moisturizer, it does not mean that your friends’ moisturizer works it will work for you. You should read the ingredients at least. Oil and moisturizers are not the same, yes, some moisturizer or mostly have essential oils but a pure oil is never a moisturizer. Never apply moisturizer directly to dry skin try damping it. A damp skin is more likely to absorb the benefits of a moisturizer than dry skin. Do not escape sunscreen after applying moisturizer, some moisturizers have SPF but just apply sunscreen just to be sure. You don’t want to have sunburns right? Do not peel your dry skin, like seriously, your skin might need a little bit of moisturizer than peeling it. To avoid irritation, never rub your skin harshly, try to be gentle. Babies are not the only ones who need gentle caress, your skin too. After cleansing your skin, if you don’t have anything to treat, apply moisturizers. It actually helps. Having a hard time looking for the right moisturizer? Check out Green Tea Seed Oil By Innisfree and enjoy luxurious skin texture with added moisturizer.