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Facts About Collagen That You Should Know!

March 20, 2019 1 min read

Facts About Collagen That You Should Know!

Collagen is the main structure of protein found in skin and connective tissues abundant in Mammals. Collagen helps rebuild the lost tissue that only last three weeks. Luckily, human body tends to produce collagen every once in a while but it slows down as we age. Taking collagen may have lots of benefits for the body. Since it can replace the damage tissues, it could also be one of the ingredient for anti-aging creams. Taking collagen does not mean it will change the whole body tissue nor stops you from looking old. It just helps the blood to regenerate another tissue for replacement hence, preventing you from looking old but not that fast tho. Collagen also relieves joint pains, as you get older the producing of collagen in your body slows down, making it hard for your joints and bones to repair damage tissue. 1-10% of your muscle mass is composed of collagen thus it is necessary to keep it healthy and making sure your body is releasing enough collagen. 

Like any other vitamins, collagen may be found in healthy food, e.g a fish. If you love eating healthy food such as greens and spicy food, then your body might have enough collagen to produce.