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6 Ways To Avoid Dry Skin This Wet Season

March 20, 2019 3 min read

6 Ways To Avoid Dry Skin This Wet Season


Damp weather brings us relief from sunburn, excessive sweating, red patches, and clogged pores. However, the wet season is also the time when dry skin symptoms start to crop up. Dry skin happens when your skin doesn’t keep hold of enough moisture. And this is very common during cold days when the humidity of the air is low both indoor and outdoor.

Generally, the moisture content of the outer layer of skin (epidermis layer) goes the same with the humidness of the air that surrounds it. Despite that, there is no reason to suffer from it because there are tricks and tips that you can get relief from. Just make sure to equip yourself with proper skin hydrating products to endure the effects of monsoon to the skin. Here's how to avoid dry skin and what products to use.

#1 Don’t use soap on irritated skin (itchy)


The dryness of the skin can give you stubbornly itchy skin. Rather than using fragranced bar soap, use hydrating body wash (Love Me Bubble Bath and ShowerBy Nature's Republic)to stay clean and fresh. This lovely floral scent bath will help retain moisture to skin without stripping away your natural oils. The runoff is good enough to cleanse your legs and feet which is more prone to dryness than your other sweatier body parts.

#2 Don’t ignore that flaky skin


Those annoying flaky skin around the folds of the nose (and on the eyebrows too) can be a result of regular blowing and the cold temperature brought about by damp weather. No moisturizers can handle these stubborn flakes because they are not just dry skin but something that is the same with that dandruff that caused your scalp to flakes. Instead of applying moisturizer, use a hair care product that fights off dandruff. Try Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Maskby Nature Republic.Apply ample amount on the affected area. Let it stand for a minute or two and rinse off well. This highly concentrated Argan Oil product is a perfect treatment for damaged hair and scalp.

#3 Use a wash that retains moisture to hand

It is important for us to wash our hands more frequently during wet days to prevent the spread of germs and infections. But if it is coupled with household chores like washing dishes and washing laundry, our hands will become dry and peeled. Use Banana Hand Milk 1mlby Tony Moly.This hand milk lotion is packed with Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil, and Coconut oil which provides intense hydration and protection. It is best to leave it overnight and put on cotton gloves for proper absorption.

#4 Use moisturizing cream to prevent recurrence of eczema

When your skin gets dry, you will be susceptible to have eczema again. This warns you that you need to augment your hydrating plan. Try using a moisturizer that is stored in a tube or a tub rather than those that is placed in pump bottles. This is because they only contain lighter lotions and they might not cover the level of hydration that you are going to need. DiscoverTrue Relief Creamby Etude House.This ultra-rich moisturizing cream protects skin from drying by providing firm moisturizing layer. Seeing the first signs of drying skin can ward off the recurrence of eczema spots.

#5 Change your cleansers

The cleansers that you might have been using for the summer may not be good for the rainy season. When you feel that your face tighten up after cleansing then maybe the facial wash that you have been using is drying out your skin surface. It’s time to shift to a gentler cleanser like Green Tea Cleansing Foam by 3W Clinic. Green Tea is a powerful yet gentle antioxidant that can help cleanse your makeup residue at the same time maintain proper hydration to skin and protect it from drying out. To avoid moisture loss, a changeover to once at night cleansing is quite enough and just give your face a round of wet washcloth to freshen in the morning.

#6 Use glycolic acid for foot care

As you will be stuck on rain boots to prevent flood diseases, it is recommended you give some foot care to smooth over calluses that may form. Use a foot mask like Foot Peeling Mask by Purederm to revivify your dry and cracked feet. This innovative solution contains glycolic acid which can penetrate directly to the skin. Besides that, it can speed up healing and lessen signs of environmental damage to the skin.


Cracked feet may serve as a pathway for fungal infection, thus it is essential to give proper attention to it without paying out to an expensive foot spa.