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Top 10 Acne Products That Hold the Key to Clear Skin!

March 20, 2019 4 min read

Top 10 Acne Products That Hold the Key to Clear Skin!


Blessed are those who have not received a knock on their doorstep from acne, even at to some point in their lives. But for those who have it like forever, they just made it as part of their lives. Must be tough and rough, huh, and sad to say a miserable path to go through.

Yes, acne is the most frequent skin complaint we hear. It is extremely a burdensome problem (in the widest sense). Hormone fluctuations, oily skin, allergies from food, and some says its hereditary, but hey, there is no absolute cause of raging acne.

Thankfully, many skin experts say it is just a matter of nutritional balance and most importantly, proper skin care. I know it’s not that easy for acne sufferers to jump into that conclusions very quickly. But in as much as we wholeheartedly support any ongoing scientific research about this skin problem. what harm will it do if we also try any recommended tips?

So without further ado, I will share to you a few extra steps that may help you reduce your acne (or at least hold it at bay).

  • Resist the urge in popping your pimples - doing so may worsen the inflammation and may leave marks that will stay longer than your acne itself.
  • Think of switching to another birth control options - Adult women believed their hormone fluctuations might have caused their breakouts, thus, shifting to another contraceptive might help as some birth control pills are proven to lessen acne woes.
  • Change your pillowcase regularly - this will prevent acne-causing bacteria from spreading.
  • Have a sound sleep that will last 8 hours daily - poor sleep can lead to an increase in cortisol (stress hormones) that contributes to the intensity of inflammatory skin conditions like acne.
  • Avoid high glycemic foods - foods that can cause your glucose level to rise can interfere with your oil triggering hormones that can lead to acne formation. Whole wheat grains are highly recommended because they are being digested in a slower pace and therefore will not spike up your insulin.
  • Use alternatives to retinoids - It is sad to say that our love affair to topical retinoids must end. Though it has helped us with skin aging problems, this powerful ingredient has its shocking drawbacks. Instead, use alternatives like this famous Korean ancient ampoule Propolis Myrrh 15 ml Ampoule by Elujai.

It has what it takes to treat acne problems aside from melasma and      


  • Ask the help of antibiotics - If your acne is severe, your doctor may prescribe you to take a short course of oral antibacterial medication. These antibiotics will help kill bacteria that cause the root of acne. Besides that, it can also reduce inflammation or bump size.
  • Consider hormonal treatments - if you suspect that your acne must be related to hormonal changes instead of an infection, visit your skin doctor. Spironolactone is one of the most reliable hormone treatment for acne. It can help obstruct hormones that trigger the oil glands.

Finally, use these reader-tested products that are good for acne-prone skin. It will surely make you survive those bad skin days and make acne into a distant memory :)

Cereal Pore Foamcrub by Some by Mi

Made with all natural ingredients (rice, cereal, chestnut, lentil beans & walnuts), this very popular Korean skincare will help you get rid of acne and dirt at once. For men and women who have pore related problems, this is the best facial cleanser for you!

Ac Clean Up Pink Powder Mask 20 ml by Etude House

This wash-off mask can lessen the redness and dry up your breakouts fast. It can totally control the balance of moisture and oil in your skin. Just a little amount of this will go a very long way.

Pimple Patch by Cosrx

Get rid of those pimple spots overnight with this ingenious pack of stickers. It is infused with hydrocolloid to wheedle out the roots of deep-seated pimples and hard to extract blackheads. They are an absolute a necessity to keep on hand

Some by Mi Aha Bha Pha 30 days Miracle Toner 150 ml

An anti-acne toner which can save your skin from annoying acne and pimples. Its ingredients Aha, Bha, and Pha work unitedly to exfoliates skin to make it silky smooth than ever. Give relief to your skin now and do the makeover!

Bentonite Miracle Facial Clay Mask

This facial mask from the US is mineral rich that when in contact with any fluids, will make it capable of absorbing toxins. Thus, with its ability as good absorber, excess oil and sebum will be eliminated quickly. Add them to your shopping list and come into contact with the healing power of Bentonite!

Baby Bright Snail and Gold Soothing Gel

This serum gel has two powerful components for skin repair: Snail Mucus and Pure Gold Extract. Both have something to say about skins cell regeneration and for its proper functioning. It diminishes ugly scars caused by pimples. Definitely, a must-have product after battling acne problems.

Bija Cica Intense balm 1 ml by Innisfree

Have that intensive skin damage repair with this gel-like balm that has pure substances of Centella Asiatica 4x. Its formula is specifically created to give skin external protection from irritants and at the same, heals troubled areas of skin.

Bumebime Mask Whitening Soap 100G

Get rid of acne-causing bacteria with this Thailand’s amazing whitening soap. It does not only shed dead skin cells but it can also heal scars, stretch marks, and whitens dark spots. Just beware of cheap knockoffs and buy them to where authentic collection ofThailand products are sold.

Pore Care Kit 3 Items by Innisfree

A pore minimizing set that consists of a pore tightening facial foam, a pore treatment toner, and a pore clay mask. All aimed to control excessive sebum, this bunch of complexion caring products is pocked with mineral-rich Jeju Volcanic clay. Add them to your cart and resolve pore concerns now!