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How to spot a genuine FEG Eyelashes Enhancer

March 20, 2019 2 min read

How to spot a genuine FEG Eyelashes Enhancer

A little each day, fake products are growing and it becomes hard for us to distinguish which one is real and which is not.

However, there’s a huge reason why there is a growing underground cottage industry all over beauty product dupes: everyone loves a bargain. Yes, the knockoffs of your favorite makeup or any beauty enhancement product can be really good and of course, with its affordable version, they can be very tempting.

Just a refresher, dupes can be classified into two types - the cheaper versions of popular products which we knowingly buy and those counterfeit products we didn’t know are not the real deal. It’s the latter that is annoying and insidious. It’s not only that you will end paying high, but it’s probably not the safest way.

Most of the time, it is tricky to mark a counterfeit product, but there are ways to tell a difference. We can give you here a wise choice for one product who is most often imitated - FEG Eyelashes Enhancer. So pay close attention!


What is FEG?

The label name says the direct use of the product itself which isfast eyelash growth. The purpose of this product is to let women achieve the real beauty in them by growing their eyelashes naturally.

Its an alternative to false eyelashes and it can literally give you a 2mm length growth of eyelashes within 7 to 15 days. It also guarantees the users a no sting, no burning sensation formula.

Because of its effectiveness, it has become popular in the world market (even in a cutthroat competition with other brands)  making it a target of fake factories.


How can you tell its genuine FEG?

Here are the tell-tale signs that you can identify you are not buying the fake one:

How to spot a genuine FEG Eyelashes Enhancer

How to spot a genuine FEG Eyelashes Enhancer


How to spot a genuine FEG Eyelashes Enhancer

Warning: there is more to know about its anti-fake label...

  • The color of the print “100%” becomes dark red when viewed vertically
  • The color of the print “100%” becomes dark green when tilted up to 45 degrees
  • The color of the print “100%” becomes rose red when it is exposed under the light or under flash technology
  • It adopts a disposable damage design
  • Through fenestration technology, it has metallic wire embedded on its anti-fake mark


What should you be doing?

There is no better than becoming an educated customer but just to be more on the safe side, you can also do these:

  • Buy your favorite beauty products from authorized distributors and resellers.
  • Ask for receipts and authenticity stickers, and look up for the store's track record.
  • The price will be the first indicator. When it's too low then think twice before buying it!