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How to Achieve Flawless Korean Skin?

March 20, 2019 5 min read

How to Achieve Flawless Korean Skin?

Korean skincare routine has become a popular trend. It may look intimidating at first for it is far different from your usual regimen. But no need to worry for you can freely customize it according to your skin concerns. Hence, a “how to” discussion is presented below enumerating appropriate products for each step of this lengthy routine. Also, check out for more of the wackiest Korean products and know what should be on your shopping list. Scrollhere.

Simplified Day and Night Routine

How to Achieve Flawless Korean Skin?


Step #1

Facial Cleansing Oils

Korean skincare always starts with proper cleansing using two types of cleansers. First is with the use of oil cleansers which does its job by stripping away excess sebum and just effortlessly washing away oil-based make-up in your face and other impurities. Well If you are imagining it like slathering your face on to olive oil then you are very wrong. Oil cleansers have emulsifiers that allow them to rinse off easily oil debris left in your skin from sunscreens and oil-based products. Hence, there is no room for confusion for science can also explain how they work effectively on the skin. The concept is very simple - oil holds on to oil, while water repels oil.

After knowing that, we shall now discuss how it should be applied properly. While most facial cleansers are used initially to damp face, oil cleansers are not. They must be covered to dry skin with the use of a dry finger. For perfect cleansing, warm the oil in your palm first before spreading them in your face for a minute with gentle massage. Wet your fingers with warm water and do the massage again until oil turns white and creamy. Thoroughly wash off your face using warm water to finish up first cleansing method.

How to Achieve Flawless Korean Skin?


Water-based Facial Cleansers

Water cleansers complete the double cleansing method of the epic Korean skincare regime. They are best known as foam or gel cleansers that clean up all the residues that your oil cleansers did not cull. Believe it or not, after first cleansing, there will still be remaining residues in your skin that should be cleared away. Unlike oil cleanser, a water-based cleanser is applied to wet skin.

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How to Achieve Flawless Korean Skin?



Exfoliating skin is essential as it strips off dead skin cells. However, it is not intended for daily use. Ideally, if you have sensitive skin then you might want to exfoliate only once a week but for those who have thicker complexion, exfoliating three to four times a week is good enough to eliminate the dull layer of skin cells.

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How to Achieve Flawless Korean Skin?


Facial Toner

 To give your skin a hydrating boost after that double cleansing, a Korean toner must be used. This runny product should be pat on your skin as a prep for the next treatments. Simply because It allows the pores to open for deeper absorption of serums, moisturizers, and other skincare that will follow next in the 10 step beauty routines.

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How to Achieve Flawless Korean Skin?


Skin Essences

Essences become a skin-sation during 80’s and it is not the newcomer to Korea or Japan either but for those who are unused to this concept, we will keep this talk very simple. Essences are mostly lightweight liquid fully packed with skin nutrients and minerals. They contain humectants which reduce the loss of moisture. Being considered as the first step in skin hydration, essences prepares your toned skin to its most favorable state to properly absorb oil-based formulas of serums, thick moisturizers, and sunscreens.

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How to Achieve Flawless Korean Skin?


Facial Mask

This product is not a nightly step to perform but should only be done twice a week. Good thing you can exchange it for serums or essences to shorten the time of this lengthy routine. Certainly, because mask already have those constituents found in those facial skin treatments.

Face mask or sheet mask in another term, is created to rest in the curves of your face to immerse active ingredients against your skin. The way it even out skin for just a shorter period of time is what makes it a popular trend in the beauty industry. Another benefit that we can get out of it is its ability to lock in those smoothening ingredients in your skin. Unlike other type of products which can evaporate easily before it can do any real good in your skin, mask build a barrier to keep moisture from escaping out. Besides that, a mask is not like muds and oil based creams that get dry and crack, releasing that dampness that your skin really needs.

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How to Achieve Flawless Korean Skin?



Differentiating this product to essences and ampoules is very simple. Serums are considerably higher in concentration than essences but cost less than ampoules. With that being said, it’s now time to talk about what it does to your skin so you will have an earthly idea. A serum has the task of effectively delivering the essential ingredients into your skin because of its smaller molecules. It penetrates deeply to provide potent ingredients and is a great way of targeting specific vulnerable areas. Ideally, it can be used even after cleansing but strictly not before moisturizing.

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How to Achieve Flawless Korean Skin?


Eye Creams

 If you care much of your eyes for it is your window to this beautiful world then you might as well give fair attention to its frame. Whether you gain those shadows and bags from undersleeping, sun damage, or allergies, an effective eye cream could surely curtail the damage. By regularly using this product, puffiness, lines, and dark circles will fade in no time, definitely a hasty remedy to telltale signs of aging!

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How to Achieve Flawless Korean Skin?



Moisturizers seal in all the skin nourishing ingredients that you have just applied in this 10 step routine. Plus it creates a barrier that will lock in skins moisture. This is very beneficial because we all know that proper skin hydration is the key to supple, youthful skin. Also, please be reminded that this skincare should be worn morning and night in order for you to assuredly reap incredible results in the coming days.

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How to Achieve Flawless Korean Skin?


Face Sun Care

Sure you don’t want to risk your skin to cancer and damaging effects of the sun. Sunscreens save you from having pigmentation and wrinkles so it’s very important to end this regimen with this life- and skin-saving skincare.

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How to Achieve Flawless Korean Skin?