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A new BRAND from the Mountains of The Cordilleras!

Gayang started as a project of young and budding artists of Baguio City headed by two of the countries' best artists. The original plan was just to create the comics and to share stories about the mythical and legendary creatures of Cordillera Folklore. However, the group has realized that it needs to attract more interest from people to learn more about our folklore and our own unique creatures and monsters. So they have reworked the whole project and came up with merchandises to make Gayang not just a comics but a Brand.

The Gayang Project is owned and managed by Gripo Comics. It is a non-stock, non-profit organization. Gripo has been helping out young artists to enhance their skills and to realize their dreams for more than a decade without collecting any fees. Through The Gayang Project, we may someday have the best comics the Philippines has ever seen.

The Gayang Project serves as a means to acquire more funds for these young talents. In every Gayang Merchandise that you purchase, these young group of talented and dedicated people will be closer towards the realization of their dreams and aspirations. Let us all support and help them out and revive the fun in reading Pinoy Komiks!

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