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Customers' convenience is always WGE Asia' first priority. We have created different departments within WGE ASIA to make it easier for our valued customers to browse the page depending on their needs or interests.

We have also formed a research team to conduct studies and to come up with results so we will have a better idea on which items to acquire, develop and manufacture.

Here is a brief description about each departments:

Korean Skin Care

Valued customers who are fond of Korean Cosmetics can find almost every popular Korean Cosmetics in this department. We have also arranged the items based on their categories like cleansers, toners, creams, etc. to make it easier for everyone to go through the long list of items that are available in our store.

Thailand Bestsellers

Thailand is rapidly becoming known for its cosmetics not only in Asia but also in the world. It can potentially become South Koreas strongest competitor in the cosmetics industry. 

Valued customers who love Thai Products can find the most popular Thailand Products in this department. Check out the Thailand Soaps like Alada, Bumebime, Namu, etc. These soaps will totally blow you away when it comes to skin whitening.

New World Order

WGE Asia has started this department in the middle of 2018 to bring unique, stylish and trendy shirts to our valued customers. We want our valued customers to wear something that will define them better based on their interests and not just based on foreign brands which most people don't have any inclinations to.

We have started with printed shirts from different interests like cats, dog, wolves, couples and dragons and we have rapidly expanded our collections from there. WGE Asia has its very own world class Anti-Theft Bags which are next to no one in terms of quality and design. Also, we now have the trendiest hoodies and watch collections that are loved by our buyers. Our hoodies and watches are so unique, you wouldn't want to miss checking them.

Valued customers who are looking into modern trends of shirts, hoodies, bags and watches should not leave our store without checking this department.

Couple's Keepsake

WGE Asia know how wonderful it is to have someone special in your life. This department is meant for couples who are passionately in love with each other. The easiest way to show how much your lover means to you is by giving him/her one of our couple items. We have bracelets, necklaces, hoodies, shirts and even mugs for you and your lover.

Valued customers who are looking for something special to give to their lover should always check this department. There will always be something new for both of you.

Vanity Collections

WGE Asia started as a beauty store. Everyone deserves to be beautiful and there are some people who has more wants or needs than others. And that is why WGE Asia Vanity Collections was created so that those with more desires will find everything they want or need to reach the seemingly perfect image that they have about themselves.

Valued customers specially the ladies have always checked this department. It is actually the most visited department by our valued customers. This department always has something new. So don't miss checking it whenever you visit.

Comfort Fit

WGE Asia has formed a research team to study the current needs and wants of people in our society and the first result that our research team came up with is that, there are many people out there who would prefer comfortability over design. Hence, WGE Asia came up with this department to highlight items that are really comfortable to wear.

Giggle Toys

WGE Asia is not only for adults, we are also child-friendly. We love all the children in the world and the best gift that we can give to them through their parents are awesome toys that they will definitely love to have.

Valued customers who have children should always check what this department has. We also have items for babies in this department. Your little ones will definitely have a very meaningful childhood with what we have in this department.

Security Essentials

WGE Asia through its research team started this department because of the rising incidences of theft, accidents and other crimes in the country. All items in this department are for your safety whether you are walking out in the streets carrying your valuables, driving a car or walking your dog. We also have really cool devices which will tremendously increase your peace of mind when you leave your house or your motorcycles.

Soo Yun Naturals

WGE Asia has partnered with Soo Yun Naturals since 2017 and we both work together to come up with the best beauty products line. Soo Yun Naturals uses nothing but natural ingredients and has committed to never use anything else. Each item of Soo Yun Naturals corresponds to an existing problem of the population in general.

Valued customers have patronized Soo Yun Naturals since we launched its first product lines and they kept coming back for more. They also never tire in trying the new released products whenever there is one and none of them were disappointed.