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Korean Skin Care

Ever wondered why Korean women have hauntingly stunning skin? Hundreds of years ago, beauty in Korean culture is always focused on thorough skincare. It is totally established since their early childhood - programmed to start early, for them to yield flawless reward in later years.

Korean Skin Care

Having a poreless skin is part of the Korean beauty standards. It is seen as a necessity rather than as an excessive pride of one's appearance. If you were to look at it as an outsider, you would probably view it as a  cultural pressure. Starting obviously from how Korean women were being dragged by their mothers to community shared bathhouses for them to cast off their dead skin.

Presently, healthy skin is still being linked to beauty which shows no difference from their ancient tradition. That is why beauty standards in Korea turned as a means of socioeconomic success. They considered it as part of their cultural capital - a social asset of a person. On this note, Korea has viewed the idea to invest in cosmetic products, beauty services, and medical skin treatments.

Seeing that, it’s no wonder women in Korea treat their skin as their greatest investment. They adhere to laborious, expensive skin care and consider it to be worthy of their money and even more so of their time.

Hail to their Skincare regimen and beauty tips that are widely held globally because of its magical wonders.

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