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Asian Beauty

Asian Beauty Products have conquered the world.

When one checks for the most recommended beauty products online, one will see a long list of Asian Cosmetics. South Korea leads the industry and Thailand is considered the close second. And China still has the best color cosmetics or makeups.

Asians are known for their youthful appearance. Generally, they look younger than their age specially the women. A lot of people can be fooled into believing that a 40 year old Asian woman is only at her early 20's. That's the power of Asian Beauty Products.

Why should Filipinos stick to Asian Beauty Products instead of western brands?

Asian Beauty Products are formulated primarily for Asians. And Filipinos are obviously Asians.

All studies and researches conducted for the production of the beauty products were focused more on Asians. Tone, color, sensitivity, weather and other very important factors were considered before formulation and production. A beauty product formulated and produced from the west would more likely be more suitable for the Westerner's skin.

Korean Skin Care has become very popular and has a lot of following like it has become a cult. In the Philippines, western brands are no longer dominating the Philippine market when it comes to cosmetics or beauty products. Most Filipinos have shifted to Korean Skin Care Products not only because these beauty items  work better for them but also because the prices are cheaper.

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Thailand Beauty Products are becoming known all over Asia. Their whitening soaps have become a craze despite the fact that they are way pricier compared to old commercial brands. And as crazy as it sounds, Thailand has produced the most talked about breast enhancing soaps too.

Thailand Beauty Products are rapidly becoming known and Filipinos are loving them. If you have not tried Thai Products, you better start using them now.

China still leads the Color Cosmetics Industry. Their cosmetics are still awesome and is one of the best in world. When one talks about makeups and other color cosmetics like lipsticks, lip tints, blush-ons, eye works, etc, China has some of the best if not, the best.

You might have seen a few of those videos on the Internet where some Chinese women demonstrated amazing transformations on themselves using Chinese Color Cosmetics. Believe it or not, those are true and that is the power of China's beauty products.

Filipino Beauty Products had been around for years and there are quite a few that are known. Technically speaking, these should be the most suited beauty products for Filipinos, however, because of globalization and colonial mentality, they believe that foreign brands are still far superior than local ones. It is not completely false but generalizing it is what makes it wrong. There are Filipino brands that works and have great quality.

WGE Asia works with many partners across Asia and with a selected few outside the continent but we also work with local brands. When it comes to Filipino Beauty Products, we highly recommend Soo Yun Naturals. This Filipino Brand is truly world class.

Soo Yun Naturals only uses natural ingredients and it has produced amazing products that can help Filipinos with their most common skin problems or conditions like varicose veins, dark underarms, melasma, etc. Give Soo Yun Naturals a shot, you will learn to love it immediately.