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Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag

Knockout stress not people. Save your desktop computer from your angry fists! The more you swing on this, the more you'll love it. Plus, it will love you back for it and it will take away your stress.

  • Relieves stress, we are sure of it. This is 1000X better than any stress toys or balls.
  • Highly durable spring that bounces the punching ball back for more punishment.
  • Attaches to any surface through its suction base.
  • Heavy duty. Keep punching the ball until you gain your composure back.
  • Comes with an air pump so your ball can be inflated when needed.


  1. There are 3 parts: the base, the spring rod and the punching ball.
  2. Just twist one end of the rod on the fixed screw on the base and the other end on the bottom of the punching ball.
  3. The punching ball is deflated so you need to inflate it with the handy air pump that came along with the package.
  4. Pull back the air pump handle and remove the pin then attach it on the tip of the air pump.
  5. Insert the pin on the punching ball's opening and start pumping until it's tough enough to take a punch.
  6. Remove the pump and secure the pin back to it's original position.
  7. Press the base on a flat surface and try punching it. It won't stick well on some types of tiles or coated wood.
  8. Simply peel off the base upward to remove.


  • MATERIALS: PU Leather and Stainless Steel Spring
  • COLOR: Red
  • HEIGHT: 35 cm
  • BALL DIAMETER: 18 cm
  • BASE DIAMETER: 13 cm

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