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Smart Flying Toy


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It’s probably not new information for you, that too much screen time for kids is not healthy.

Time to let them play with our Smart Flying Toy. An absolute bringer of fun for the entire family. Very innovative and really modern. A toy for all ages.

*Don't just buy one! Buy one for each of your children and grandchildren to avoid jealousy and fights on just one toy!

  • Great for children, teenagers or adults who love getting exercise while playing with this toy!
  • Features a clear crystal ball with 2 sets of wings imitating a magical fairy, and a sturdy balancing pole above it.
  • When turned on, it emits a brilliant colorful light, vibrantly illuminating the entire room. Particularly at night, the darkened room is lit up and looks magical. Children become ECSTATIC and AMAZED once it starts flying!
  • The ball houses a USB rechargeable battery, motor and flashing lights so you're ready to play once it arrives.
  • ADVANCED LED INFRARED SENSOR allows it to be motion-sensitive so it detects nearby objects and knows to move away from them.
  • THE CHALLENGE FOR KIDS is to keep the  toy  in the air since the toy is super smart and will fly away from your hand when you try to grab it. You can use your hand to control it up and down, or catch it with your hand to let it take flight again.
    • The wings are made of soft plastic and are flexible (see image below) which minimizes injury and ensures children are safe when playing.
  • Parent supervision is still advised for toddlers.


  1. Hold the globe with your index and thumb with the propellers on top.  
  2. Turn on the switch and keep a safe distance. The propellers may hurt if it hits a sensitive part of your body like eyes, lips, ears, etc.
  3. After a few seconds, the propellers will rotate.
  4. Release the toy and it should float in the air.
  5. Once in flight, there is no need to touch the ball. Its sensors work by simply placing your hand under it to send it back into the air.
  6. Play in an open but enclosed area.
  7. Be sure to catch the   Smart Flying Toy  before it crashes into anything until you're used to controlling it.

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