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Skinny Patch for Abdomen, Flank, Thigh and Calf by Lolopiani™


Lolopiani patch is a one for body line including patented  ingredients to figure your body, and have a revision effect  with just 1 applying by covering from front area to the side  of stomach at the same time.   Also,  it has natural ingredients like letcithin, ginkgo leaf extract, collagen peptide, L-Carnitin and Pepper extract.

For  Abdomen and Flank - 1 Box/10 pcs

For Thigh - 1 Box/4pcs

For Calf - 1 box/4pcs


  1. Attach it when you make skin clean and dry.
  2. Detach the center area of back of this patch. 
  3. Holding the contraction in your abdominal muscles, attach it to the center area first. 
  4. Take off the rest from the patch, Pushing it and attach to the side.
  5. Then push end and entire area of the patch firmly for around 3 minutes.
  6. Attach it 1 time per 2 days, and 4~8 hours per 1 time.

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