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Perfect Handlebar Security Lock

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Leave your motorcycle anywhere with peace of mind. This is way better than any device that alarms you when someone is trying to steal your bike. Make your 2 wheeled vehicle thief-proof.

  • Winner of most effective theft deterrent device of the year.
  • Fits any motorcycle handlebars.
  • Completely presses your brakes against the handlebar to disable your wheel from rolling.
  • Very easy to use. You won't even need instructions.
  • Made from heavy duty stainless metal. Thieves would only end up hurting themselves if they attempt to break it.
  • More convenient and more effective than those common disc locks that could actually end up severely damaging your bike. 
  • With 2 unique keys. Other owners of handlebars won't be able to unlock yours with their keys.


  • Depth: 25mm
  • Height: 139mm
  • Width: 57mm
  • Weight: 400 g


  1. Insert the handlebar and the hand break through the holes and lock the device.
  2. Remove the key.
  3. Test if the device is tightly secured.

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