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Perfect Hair Removal Cream by Some By Mi™

Eliminate unwanted hair in just 7 minutes! This is the solution to those hair that you've always been hiding. Forget painful and irritating depilation method with this new PERFECT HAIR REMOVAL CREAM.

  • No discoloration and cuts.
  • Works by dissolving hair.
  • Has natural ingredients which soothes the skin keeping it moisturized.
  • Hair becomes thinner and softer over time through continuous use.
  • Proven and tested.


  1. Before using, patch-test on a small area of your skin preferably on your forearm.
  2. If you feel a prickly feeling, discomfort or irritation, wipe it off immediately and wash with cold water. Do not proceed in using the product if that was the case during patch-test.
  3. Clean and pat dry the area you wish to treat.
  4. Apply enough amount of cream to fully cover the hair and leave it for 5 - 7 minutes. (Do not exceed 10 minutes.)
  5. Rinse well with lukewarm water.
  6. It is recommended to apply moisturizer or lotion on areas where you applied treatment.


  1. Do not use on weak, sensitive skin areas like face, pubic hair or waxed areas.
  2. Do not use before and after menstruation and before and after giving birth.
  3. Do not apply on skin with wound, boil, eczema, erosion or other types of inflammation, spot or irritation.
TYPE: Hair Removal Cream
WEIGHT: 80 g
BRAND: Some By Mi
ORIGIN: South Korea

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