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Mold Cleaner by Du Kkeobi™


No more dirty grouts in the gaps between walls or floor tiles. Your home will look livelier and more elegant with this amazing solution. Transform your home and you will surely love it more.

  • Very easy to use. Another great Do It Yourself product.
  • This solution is widely used in most buildings in Korea.
  • World class product of Korea.


  1. Remove any dust and moisture using a dried towel on molded silicone surface.
  2. Open the mold cleaner lid and apply onto the surface with about 3mm thickness. 
  3. Wash with water after 3-5 hours.
  4. You can now see that all the molds are gone. If you see any remaining molds, repeat the process to remove the mold completely.


  1. Please make sure to ventilate the working area and wear rubber gloves.
  2. Please make sure to close the lid and keep it in a cool area, out of reach of children.
  3. Cloth will bleach when the cleaner gets on.
  4. Please make sure that the product will not help with discoloration or soiled area due to metallic substance.
  5. If the product freezes or exposed to sunlight or a heat sources the viscosity will turn thin.
TYPE: Mold Cleaner
WEIGHT: 220 ml
BRAND: Du Kkeobi
ORIGIN: South Korea


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