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Essence Trial Kit (5pcs) by HERA™


1. Cell Essence 

  • This product containing essential nourishment hydrates all skin types without leaving a sticky residue on the skin with its fast-absorbing texture. This essence is designed to be used in the first step of skincare routine after washing the face to increase the absorption of the next skincare products.

2. White Program Effector 

  • A skin whitening essence for skin that’s clear and glows more brightly than ever. It fills the skin with moisture from deep inside and, by doing so, improves the reflection of light for dazzling skin from within.

3. Age Away Modifier 

  • This anti-wrinkle serum fills skin exhausted from sensory pollution with vibrant energy to give the skin ultimate smoothness.

4. Oil Serum Magic Fomula 

  • An enchanting deep-hydration serum that combines all the virtues of oil and serum to deliver a fresh and magical moistful finish.

5. Signia Serum 

  • A total anti-aging care serum that makes the skin firm and glow with the powerful vitality of 3 million narcissus stem cells.

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