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Crystal Collagen Eye Mask by Pil'atin™

  Say no more to puffy eyes!  👀 Crystal Collagen Eye Mask is an enriched collagen fortified eye patch. It deeply hydrates, tones and refines skin pores.

  • Transparent thin layer of sheet composed of natural extracts, purified water and collagen used as an eye mask.
  • Essences remain present in the sheets because paper was not used as a material enabling real and direct absorption from each sheet.
  • No rinsing required after use.
  • Gives healthy appearance of the eyes eliminating stress signs and other flaws.
Recommended for people who:
  • Stay in front of computers for a long period of time daily.
  • Often stay in an air-conditioned room especially those who suffer from dry eyes.
  • Are couch potatoes or love viewing videos from their devices.
  1. Wash your face first and take out the transparent crystal eye mask.
  2. Apply under your eyes and remove after 25-35 minutes.
  3. No need to rinse after use. Each sheet can only be used once.


  1. Do not directly cover your eyes with it.
  2. Keep out of children's reach.
TYPE: Eye Mask
BRAND: Pil'aten
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