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Celestine Crystals Whitening and Tightening Feminine Soap by Evermore™


✔️ This item can not be returned once opened and/or used due to hygienic reasons.

Feel like a virgin everyday! This artistically made feminine soap not only tightens your feminine part it also brings back the fresh and pinkish color that you used to have.

  • Kills all kinds of germs that cause unpleasant smell and itchiness.
  • Feel fresh and clean.
  • Proven safe and effective. Very gentle on the skin.


  1. You may either use the bottom part or cut a shard.
  2. Lather and apply on your feminine area.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water.
TYPE: Feminine Soap
WEIGHT: 130 g
BRAND: Evermore Beauty Essentials



  • Soap Base, Witch Hazel Extract, Aloe Vera, Niacinamide, Carrot Extract, Tomato Extract, Papaya Extract, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Kojic Acid, Fragrance, Colorant


  1. This product is primarily for the woman's feminine part but you may choose to use it on other parts of your body to get the same tightening and whitening effect.
  2. Do not leave soaked on water after use.

Not available in stores. Manufactured by Evermore Beauty Essentials and exclusively distributed by WGE Asia.

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