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Zodiac Shirt - Scorpio


All are created equal but only the best are born as Scorpio! Wear this extremely cool shirt if you agree. Be proud of what you are.

Most Compatible with:Cancer and Pisces
Least Compatible with:Leo and Aquarius
Element:  Water

Scorpios best strength is their ability to focus. If they have decided on something, diverting them is next to impossible. They will keep on moving forward without fear regardless of how difficult the situation may seem. Power, position and money are the key motivators for Scorpios. They are ambitious for all the good reasons. On the flipside, they can be jealous, resentful and manipulative.

Scorpio Women are the sexiest and most mysterious among the 12 signs of the Zodiac. They should never be taken lightly because they are intuitive, controlling and at times self-destructive but in all these, they have a certain deadly beauty to their personalities. Scorpio women are success-driven. They work hard and are willing to sacrifice anything to get to their goals.

  • Shirt is made from  100% super smooth and unbelievably comfortable COTTON.
  • Superb vibrant color. Perfect print on high quality vinyl.
  • Does not fade or break after washing.
  • Available in 4 sizes (small, medium, large and extra large).
  • V-Neck
  • Fixed colors. White and Black Shirts only.

Exclusively sold by WGE Asia. Buy yours NOW!

Zodiac Shirt - Scorpio

Zodiac Shirt - Scorpio

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