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Zodiac Shirt - Libra


All are created equal but only the best are born as Libra! Wear this extremely cool shirt if you agree. Be proud of what you are.

Most Compatible with:Pisces and Aquarius
Least Compatible with:Taurus and Virgo
Element:  Air

Librans are known to maintain peace and harmony and they are known to take decisions where they will be fair and correct. They are natural charmers so they do not need to exert extra effort for attention. Libras may also have a hard time balancing things out which can make them very indecisive. They hate injustices and they won't think twice to lead a protest against unfair treatment to all forms of life.

Libra Women are embodiments of fairness, justice and balance. They easily draw people because of their captivating charm. Like their male counterpart, Libra Women has the tendency to weigh out options and possibilities too long resulting to indecisiveness. She will take into account everyone's needs, tastes and preferences as if they were her own before making a decision which will be fair to everyone.

  • Shirt is made from  100% super smooth and unbelievably comfortable COTTON.
  • Superb vibrant color. Perfect print on high quality vinyl.
  • Does not fade or break after washing.
  • Available in 4 sizes (small, medium, large and extra large).
  • V-Neck
  • Fixed colors. White and Black Shirts only.

    Exclusively sold by WGE Asia. Buy yours NOW!

    Zodiac Shirt - Libra

    Zodiac Shirt - Libra

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