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5 Simple Ways to Control the Shine on Oily Face

by Cherry M June 26, 2018

5 Simple Ways to Control the Shine on Oily Face

Nailing a skincare routine that can help you with your struggles against oily skin is like an episode of trial and error. A lot of skin care products are in the market that promise better complexion (or more so) but you did not know, they can actually add more to the frustration. It is because they have harsh ingredients that can take off that greasy look in your face (at least instantly) but largely, they are really worsening the whole condition in the end.
If you take notice that your skin still is sweating off your makeup and all that T- zone is beset with acne breakouts and clogged pores, then the first key to take control of it is to evaluate your present skincare routine. Below is a quick rundown of skin care products that you need to eject from your beauty regimen…
  • Steer clear of harsh, strong ingredients that can actually set off excessive sebum on your face. E.g are specially denatured alcohols (SD alcohols)
  • Emollient ingredients can clog pores exacerbating oiliness to face. E.g emollient creams, sticky foundations, and bar soaps.
  • Products that contain cooling effect will give a tingling sensation to the skin. Thus, avoid using skincare products that have menthol, eucalyptus, and mint.
How to Cut Down on Shine?
Off and on, some of us have a little extra shine on our face. B lame it on stress, hormones, weather conditions, and genetics. But sadly, some of us never grow out of it. Thank goodness, there’s nothing more to fear because regardless of the cause of the oiliness, there are simple steps to regain control of our skin. We can get that shine-free 9-5 look by sticking to a consistent skin care regimen with appropriate skincare products.
Good skin starts with good cleansing
The use of gel type cleansers like Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Foam Cleanser By the Faceshop is the best solution for problematic skin. It has a PH ( potential of Hydrogen) level which is like a skin barrier that can hold back lipid molecules and keep moisture into the skin. It helps to block bacteria causing acne, pollutants, and undesirable substances. This cleanser is ideal to those who have sensitive skin. It is because its plant-based ingredients has bits that are almost similar to human skin.
If a regular cleanser doesn’t work to strip off unsightly shine, try Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Daily Gentle Cleanser by Cosrx . This product contains 0.5% of salicylic acid which can remove skin impurities and excess sebum. Women fell in love with this product after it being the #1 enemy of acne.
Complete the cleansing of your skin with toners.
What are toners for? Toners are used after cleansers, to get rid of lingering impurities that were still left on skin. Toners can tighten pores and can definitely remove oil. Fresh Calming Toner by Laneige balances the levels of skin’s moisture and oil. It gently calms irritated skin with its plant-derived extract.
Another choice to dote on is Beauty Water by Son and Park . This cleansing water is different from an ordinary cleanser. It regulates your skin’s natural ph to do a balancing act.  It is a good makeup remover too. With its willow bark and papaya extract, this water-based toner is also a powerful exfoliator.
Give your skin a thorough cleaning mask.
Draw out the dirt and excess oil of your face with Peel Off Black Mask . This premier quality clay is rich in minerals that makes it an effective purifying and detoxifying agent. When left dried, it strips away not only dead skin but it can also deeply remove excess oil. Formulated to deliver an instant positive result, this jet-black mask, however, is used infrequently to avoid over-drying of skin.
Only Pick moisturizers and sunscreens that are oil-free
It may sound counterintuitive but still, you need to put on moisturizers. Please put in mind that moist of skin and oil of skin is quite different from each other. So when you are in a hunt for a moisturizer that doesn’t add on to the not-so-good
looking shine in your face then meets PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream by Cosrx . This product is packed with 3% PHA (polyhydroxy acid), a new acid that can retain moist to the skin. This does not leave any greasy feel after application.
Sunscreen like All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk by Missha provides sebum control, especially during warmer days. This skin saver product leaves a matte finish and creates a perfect base for makeup, so it kinda absorbs any shine on your face like a sponge.
Use primer that really mattifies the skin
To keep shine at bay all throughout the day, use Prime Primer Classic by Banila Co . It prepares your skin before application of makeup. It smoothes out imperfections while controlling oil, giving your face a velvety look. This mattifying primer will ensure that your makeup will not be sweat away and will remain intact for the rest of the day.
Cherry M
Cherry M

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